week 8 discussion post PBH 305

read the summary of Roe v. Wade. Then, please discuss the following questions in your initial post:

  1. The Court in Roe v. Wade, and all courts subsequently have refused to clearly define when life begins. The Court in Roe indicated a time in the fetal development when abortions should be elective and when they should not. What time did they indicate as the cutoff for elective abortion? Does this timeframe seem to be a logical decision? Why or why not?
  2. Roe v. Wade, along with many other cases that shaped Americas current abortion laws, discuss legitimate and illegitimate state interests. What State interests have courts determined are appropriate and what state interests have courts determined are not appropriate? 
  3. Under Roe v. Wade and subsequent decisions, must a state impose any regulation on abortion? If a state wanted to allow elective abortion through the third trimester, could they do so legally? Why or why not?