Why do individual languages vary among places? Discuss by providing specific example(s)

Forthis 5-7 page paper, you must choose a topic of interest toyou, and analyze it through the lens of geography. Drawing on at least 7outside sources (4 of them scholarly), you must make use of at least 15course terms/vocabulary from the textbook or other readings to analyze yourtopic. You must answer the “where” and “why”questions related to your topic. (Note that the textbook chapters arestructured using these where/why questions.)

  • You are required to submit a one-paragraph description/proposal of your research topic by February 13, 2022. You will receive feedback on your topic from the instructor.
  • You are required to use a list of 10 appropriate sources (correctly cited). All sources must have named authors and publishers (e.g. no anonymous sources like Wikipedia are permitted).
  • Use Purdue Universitys online writing lab in writing your final paper. This site contains a wealth of information on citing sources in APA, MLA, and Chicago style: