World Civilization Chap 3 & 4

Choose one of the topics below.  Compose a multi-paragraph essay in which you develop a thesis, introduction, body, and conclusion using specific people, places, events, and ideas as evidence for your point of view. Be sure to locate your answer in both space and time.  Make sure you document all sources used to answer this question.  You may choose a second topic to write and extra credit essay on.

Question 1    Trace the development of philosophy and science from the Pre-Socratic origins through Aristotle. What were the most significant developments? What was the general principle that guided Greek philosophers? How did this change in the Hellenistic period?

Questions 2     Explain how the different concepts of law changed from the Etruscans to the Roman Republic and to the Roman Empire. 

Question 3      Explain the distinctive features of the Han period, and how did the Han Dynasty build on its predecessor, the Qin Dynasty? What was the extent of the expansion of Chinese territory and trade during the Han empire? What regions were added to the empire? Explain how do the Han and Roman empires compare in terms of how they handled peoples on their borders?

Question 4    Describe Germanic society in the early Middle Ages. What impact did the traditions, beliefs, and laws of the Germanic peoples have on the subsequent development of European civilization? How were the Germans affected by Christianity?  What role did Germanic queens play in converting their tribes to Christianity?