Answer the two questions about bullshit and dissonance

Respond thoroughly to the following two questions:

  1. What is more harmful to the truth, according to Harry Frankfurt: Lying or bullshitting? Explain your answer thoroughly. Make sure to clearly account for the distinction between lying and bullshitting (as understood by Frankfurt) in your answer. In your reply, make sure to give a good example of bullshit in our society today and analyze its consequences for the health of our society.
  2. What is the connection between one’s self-image, cognitive dissonance, and the confirmation bias according to dissonance theory? In your answer, explain the connection thoroughly and clearly, and make sure to cite some relevant examples of studies mentioned in the reading, The Engines of Self-Justification, by Tavris and Aronson to illustrate the connection.

Note: I will be paying special attention to how accurately you represent and use concepts and distinctions in your responses and am looking for a close engagement with the readings in your answer.