Caribbean author Aime Cesaire wrote his own version of the Tempest, "A Tempest," in 1969. Read the first 15 pages of Cesaire’s Discourse on Colonialism. Then compare the different versions of Caliban in both plays (Focus on the last act in each play). How and why does Cesaire change the ending of his drama in comparison to Shakespeare?

Criteria for assessment:
The essay has to be 3 o 3.5 pages long, times 12pt, double spaces, standard margins.
The introduction needs to have an interesting beginning and a clear thesis statement that responds to the given topic
Each paragraph has to be developed with sufficient detail
The paragraphs have to be coherent and connected.
You have to integrate summaries of events as well as quotes from the text that demonstrate that you are really familiar with the text
Use MLA format for the paper overall, including paper format, citation standards and documentation of sources

Work process:
I suggest the following procedure: Work in loops:
Determine in a first brainstorm how you would respond to the given topic. Try to figure out a main idea
Select 5 to 10 quotes from the text that relate to the topic
Order the quotes so that you end up with clusters of passages that will inform your paragraphs
Write your introduction and thesis.
Write the body paragraphs based on the selection of quotes you made. Use the quotes to guide your argument, but use only a few of them that are particularly strong. You may paraphrase or summarize others, and leave out the rest.