case study

 Prepare a written answer to this situation and support your answer with sound reasoning.  Your answer should include the framework of the problem and your plan to carry out the team study, including the teams charter and any limits you would put on the team, any ground rules you believe are necessary to make it function, the make-up of the team and the expected output of the team

Please support your ideas with appropriate references besides your textbook (at least one peer-reviewed article and one reliable Internet references, not older than 5 years). Please submit the PDF file of your peer review article. Your answer should be three pages long and submitted in a Word document. Please remember to follow the instructions and include all the sections indicated in the Protocols for written assignments.   

To Boutique or Not to Boutique

The physicians of a moderate-sized family practice clinic are concerned over changes in insurance programs and believe the substantial costs in time and money the clinic and its medical professionals spend dealing with insurance companies may be better spent in delivering care. Similar practices have dropped insurance entirely in favor of a boutique approach, where patients pay a fixed flat amount for a year of unlimited services.  The clinic board charters a team to examine the concept and obtain concrete data from boutique practices. This will be used to determine the advisability of such a change in the clinics marketplace. Propose the structure and makeup of such a team including a “team charter” and how the team might proceed.