1. Review this week’s lecture through your notes or the Zoom recording on the Cloud, and write in your Journal the main concepts explained by your professor regarding the encyclopedic museum / national museum, in bullet points.
2. Read Orhan Pamuk’s Manifesto posted in this week’s folder. 
3. Also, go to the website: and do a virtual visit of the Museum of Innocence.
4. Reply these questions in your Journal:

  • What does Orhan Pamuk mean when he talks about "telling stories on a human scale"?
  • Thinking about museums in the UAE, do you agree or disagree with Orhan Pamuk’s statement "We don’t need more museums that try to construct the historical narratives of a society, community, team, nation, state, tribe, company, or species"? Why?
  • Do you think that big national museums such as the Louvre and the British Museum fail at telling individual stories? Why?
  • Imagine to create a national museum of the United Arab Emirates: should it be structured/modelled like a cabinet of curiosity, a royal collection, an encyclopedic museum or a museum telling the story of individuals (as described by Orhan Pamuk in his "Manifesto", and in his Museum of Innocence)?
  • Why would your chosen structure/model be the best to tell the story of your country and its people? Explain in detail.