My personality assessment

This assignment is related to the course material on Personality. You should review the textbook and lectures on this topic before beginning this assignment. 

Take the test: It will take about 5-10 minutes. Do not choose neutral answers. It does not benefit you to choose socially desirable answers (presenting yourself in a manner you may feel is ideal instead of honest), as theres no wrong personality type.
This assignment should include five sections as follows:
Results: Write up your result (the letters and the full typology) and your interpretation of the meaning of your result. You should not copy and paste what the assessment gives you – this should be written in your own words. Note: Cite the website where the personality assessment is taken. 
Connection to your life: Discuss three areas of your life where you can see the accuracy of your typology or three areas that disconfirm these results.
Research the assessment measure: Research information on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type (MBTI). Review at least two sources from scholarly literature (review the How to Find Appropriate Sources page on the course main page). Does the information you found confirm or disconfirm the validity of this type of personality typing? Note: Cite the two sources you have located, both in text and in your References section*. 
Utility of assessment: Why or how are these types of personality assessments useful? Did you find the results useful? Why or why not? 
Other options: What might be a more useful personality assessment (based on the information in the textbook section on Personality) and why? Please justify your response. Note: Cite your textbook. 
*Don’t forget you should have several APA in-text citations in the body of your paper and at least FOUR full APA references (the website, two sources you have located, and your textbook) at the end of your paper.
Use the source from the test (2) and other two from textbook which I’ll give you a link