Negative emotions at work

Interview 3 people on how they deal with negative emotions while at work. 

Write up the interview:    

  • Introduction paragraph on emotions at work – introduce what you are talking about in the paper. 
  •  Provide interviewees’ basic information (gender, age, ethnicity/race, job position, company worked at, time worked at the company), and summarize their responses (do not reiterate word for word what they said). Use quotes from what the people said when necessary. Each person should be discussed in his/her own paragraph.
  • Analyze, compare, and contrast your interviewees’ responses. This section is important – really think about why people responded differently from each other (was it due to their role at work, their gender, their age, their educational level…?).
  • Relate your interviewees’ experiences with information from the eText, and the article “Understanding The Impact of Emotions On You And Others At Work” by Justin OOI T. Y, ( (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)) and what was discussed in class.
  • Show the coping mechanisms or any other pertinent information using a chart or graph (pie chart, line graph, bar chart, scatter plot…).
  • Closing paragraph reflecting on what you learned.